Sometimes an invention is simply combining two products together.

Skate + Board
Punchboard + Calendar


Tony Wightman, Inventor / Founder


I was sitting at my desk looking at a small, plastic, yearly wallet calendar when I took a push pin and 'punched' a hole in the date to begin marking the days that I exercised. For some reason, I flashed back to a childhood memory of a hot summer day, sitting on my grandparents' back porch - 'punching' - an old punchboard that I had just discovered in the small cabinet full of soda pop.

I immediately thought... punchboard calendar!

After years of research & development, Daypunch is (finally) ready to launch!

I hope everyone will have a little fun each day & learn something along the way.


130 N 500 S
Logan, UT, 84321

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